Why Tapovan?

1) Making the child morally upright and focused by instilling the right values in him through an emphasis on moral education and encouraging a spirit of nationalism.

2) A complete English medium school based on CBSE pattern of study with emphasis laid on the holistic development of each child.

3) Curriculum is designed in a unique way that will help to develop the inner abilities of the child and bring out his/her latent talents.

4) Extra-curricular activities like workshops, debates, story-telling, quiz, calligraphy and many more activities are included which help in the overall development of the child.

5) Professional sports development through IISA tie-up. IISA is the Imperial International Sports Academy and is currently engaged in 116 schools across India.

6) Stress-free, secured environment for balanced studies, less homework and special focus on English.

7) E-learning and smart study through Pearsonís study in the Digital World.

8) Karate is a part of our curriculum as we believe that self-defense is a mandatory skill in order to enhance the power, strength, speed and agility of the children.

Moral Education

Children will LEARN Lord Mahavirís message of non ?violence, tolerance and compassion

Children will TURN To royal human beings with qualities of peace, love and goodwill instilled in them

Gyan for YOU

Child will DEVELOP

Learning beyond books

We believe in learning beyond books by providing children a joyful atmosphere through

Technologically supported environment

An English language lab which makes learning a fun experience and prepares the students for competitive examinations like TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, etc.